To unite for mutual  benefit those public officials and private persons engaged in the control of arson and kindred crimes.

To provide for exchange of technical information and developments.

To cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and associations to further fire prevention and the suppression of crime.

To encourage high professional standards of conduct among members and to continually strive to eliminate all factors which interfere with administration of justice.  

I will conduct both my personal and official life so as to inspire the confidence of the public.

I will not use my profession and my position of trust for personal advantage or profit.

I will regard my fellow investigators with the same standards as I hold for myself.

I will never betray a confidence nor otherwise jeopardize their investigation

I will regard it my duty to know my work thoroughly.  It is my further duty to avail myself of every opportunity to learn more about my profession.

I will avoid alliances with those whose goals are inconsistent with an honest and unbiased investigation.

I will make no claim to professional qualifications which I do not possess.

I will share all publicity equally with my fellow investigators whether such publicity if favorable or unfavorable.

I will be loyal to my superiors, to my subordinates, and to the organization I represent.

I will bear in mind always that I am a truth-seeker not a case maker, that it is more important to protect the innocent than to convict the guilty.

Oregon I.A.A.I. - Chapter 31

International Association of Arson Investigators

IAAI  - Certified Instructor

 Kendall Biggs  Virginia Chapman
 Nicole Brewer  Chris Lyman

IAAI - Certified Fire Investigator

 Jason M. Andersen  Joseph Derie
 Jeremy Mack  Ralph Sartain II
 Jason Arn  Tanner Fairington  Charles Marble  Mark Shay
 Miguel Bautista  Ryan Fields  Alex McGladrey  Wendy Stanley
 Kendall Biggs  Rob Garrison  Samantha Metheny  Richard Stenhouse
 Nicole Brewer  Lance Hart  Tom Mooney  Greg Weisberger
 Chase Browning  Margueritte LR Hickman  Steven Moore  Gene Whitaker
 Ronald Campbell  Joseph Hyatt  Mark Northrop  John Wolff
 Virginia Chapman  Louisa Jones  Shawn Olson  
 James E. Christiansen  Russ Jones  Steve Parks  
 Stephen Philip Corwin  Greg Kleinberg  Tad Petersen  
 Lynn C. Davis  Chris Lyman  John Powell  
 Drew Debois      

IAAI - Fire Investigation Technician

 Matthew Amos  Zack Downing  Lani Hill  Robert Mottice
 Craig Andersen  Roger Edwards  Nathan Hinkle  Jeff Pricher
 Jason Arn  Brian Ernst   Justin Holck  Lora Radcliff
 Miguel Bautista  Joe Feland  Kamron Ismaili  Patti Rhodes
 Robert Bell  Ken Foster  Brian Jewell  Trace Richard
  Jason Bolen  Craig Gault  Ellie Johnston  Sara Roth
 GaryyBoyles  James GIbbs  Russ Jones  Rick Searls
 Soulmaz Brazil  Russell Goodwin  Michael Kahmann  Jereon Simons
 Troy Crafton  Jeffrey Gordon  Charles Marble  Tim Stacy
  James Coley  Keith Haggas  Brad McKenzie  Wendy Stanley
 Greg Boyles  Izak Hamilton  Jeremy Menear  Andrea Vaughn
  Russell Deboodt  Merrill Harrison  Shannon Miller  Michael Wight
  Charles Douglass  Gordon Hartung
 Walter Monk  Scott Yunker
     Tom Mooney  

IAAI - Motor Vehicle Fire Endorsement

 Nicole Brewer  Chris Lyman  Jeff Pricher
 Virginia Chapman  Steven Moore  

IAAI - Evidence Collection Technician

 Nicole Brewer  Shannon Miller  Cari Soong
 John Holmes  Steven Moore  Rich Stenhouse

Oregon IAAI Chapter 31 - Past Presidents

 1978-79 Donald Murphy  

 1992-93  Charles Powers

 2006-07  John Wolff

 1979-80  Fred Auger 

 1993-94  Ryan Fields

 2007-08  Ann Lewis

 1980-81  Lee Demoret 

 1994-95  Brian Finn

 2008-09  Dennis Shew

 1981-82  George Dewelle

 1995-96  Donald Murphy

 2009-10  Susie Maniscalo

 1982-83  John Farber

 1996-97  Lynn Davis

 2010-11  Mo Austin

 1983-84  Lynn Davis 

 1997-98  Don Iliff

 2011-12  Ed Bonollo

 1984-85  Piere Girard

 1998-99  Del Williams

 2012-13  Jim Christensen

 1985-86  John Greisen

 1999-00  Mike Skeels

 2013-14  Raymond Downey

 1986-87  John Powell

 2000-01  Cindy Hubert

 2014-15  Ralph Sartain
 1987-88  Lynn Hillman  2001-02  Jeff Howard  2015-16 John Wolff

 1988-89  Rex Millard

 2002-03  Dennis Shew

 2016-17 John Wolff

 1989-90  Jeff Darling

 2003-04  Ryan Fields

 2017-18 John Wolff

 1990-91  Rich Hein

 2004-05  Mark Carman

 2018 -20  Jerry Flowerdew

 1991-92  Jim Boals

 2005-06  Mark Carman


Investigator of the Year Award - "Frank Herlinger Award"

This award is given to an individual who has shown outstanding achievement and professionalism in the field of fire/arson investigation.  The recipient of this award is not required to be a member of this organization. Our goal is to recognize the BEST investigator in Oregon. This award is limited to one (1) award annually.

2003  Joe Wicks

2014  Ralph Sartain

2019 Charles Douglass

2005  Brian Parmelee

2015  Charlie Chase


2010 Rick McGraw

2016 Mitch Coley


2012  Lou Bilancia

2018 Lee Ferguson


Life Members - "William S. Hood Award" 

The Chapter may bestow Life Membership upon any qualified member who has met the following requirements: Active member of Oregon Chapter 31, active member in good standing for at least ten (10) years, the individual must have rendered distinctive service to the Chapter through participation on committees and/or activities for a minimum of five (5) years. 

Maurice Austin

Randy Davis

Donald Murphy

Mark Carman

Ryan Fields

Mark Northrup

GR Castillo

Douglas Houser

Michael Skeels

James Christiansen

Cindy Hubert

John Wolff

John Comery

Rex Milard


Lynn Davis

Don Miller

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