To unite for mutual  benefit those public officials and private persons engaged in the control of arson and kindred crimes.

To provide for exchange of technical information and developments.

To cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and associations to further fire prevention and the suppression of crime.

To encourage high professional standards of conduct among members and to continually strive to eliminate all factors which interfere with administration of justice.  

I will conduct both my personal and official life so as to inspire the confidence of the public.

I will not use my profession and my position of trust for personal advantage or profit.

I will regard my fellow investigators with the same standards as I hold for myself.

I will never betray a confidence nor otherwise jeopardize their investigation

I will regard it my duty to know my work thoroughly.  It is my further duty to avail myself of every opportunity to learn more about my profession.

I will avoid alliances with those whose goals are inconsistent with an honest and unbiased investigation.

I will make no claim to professional qualifications which I do not possess.

I will share all publicity equally with my fellow investigators whether such publicity if favorable or unfavorable.

I will be loyal to my superiors, to my subordinates, and to the organization I represent.

I will bear in mind always that I am a truth-seeker not a case maker, that it is more important to protect the innocent than to convict the guilty.

Oregon I.A.A.I. - Chapter 31

International Association of Arson Investigators

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40-Hour Fundamentals 

Oregon State Police Host

  • 40-Hour Fundamentals of Fire Investigation
  • Melrose Fire House
  • 2830 Melrose Road
  • Roseburg, OR 97471
  • June 7 - 11, 2021

This 40-hour course is designed to provide the new fire investigator with the prerequisite knowledge necessary to properly determine the origin and cause of a fire and to refresh the experienced fire investigator with his/her current knowledge base as it relates to the scientific investigation of a fire scene. This course provides the basis for the IAAI Fire Investigation Technician designation.


CFITrainer.Net® Modules:

  • The Scientific Method for Fire and Explosion Investigation
  • Understanding Fire Through the Candle Experiments
  • Fire Investigator Scene Safety


  • IAAI-Member $535.00
  • Non-IAAI Member $800.00

Register for this event here.


Congratulations to our new board members:

Kevin Schummer, Grotefeld Hoffmann

Joe Feland, Oregon State Police

NFPA 921 (2021)

New NFPA 921 (2021) books are now available.  Order here 


RECORDED:  2021 NFPA 921 Chapter 17 - Physical Evidence & Canine Handler Teams - Link available through December 31, 2020

RECORDED:  2021 NFPA 921 Chapter 8 - Active Fire Protection Systems - Link available through January 31, 2021

RECORDED - 2021 NFPA 921 Chapters 4 & 5 Basic Methodology & Basic Fire Science - Link available through February 28, 2021


Seven students successful completed the Oregon IAAI Expert Witness Class.  Thanks to the following that made it possible:

  • Instructor Ryan Fields, ORCA Fire Investigations
  • Dan Thennel Law Group
  • Gert Zoutendijk, Fire Marshal, Lake Oswego Fire
  • Lake Oswego Fire Department
  • City of Lake Oswego


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